On contacting us, a member of our staff will visit your home and do an estimation of the household goods/personal effects you wish to ship to your new destination. Please ensure our consultant is made aware of ALL your goods that you intend to ship, this will ensure our quote is as accurate as possible and allows our consultant to advise you on unnecessary items that might be unusable in your new home abroad.

You will then receive a written quote which is governed by the rules of the South African International Movers Association (SAIMA). All cost will be clearly demarcated as well as the services you will receive in return.

If you accept our quote, we will enter into an acceptance contract which forms the contractual obligation between yourselves and  Advance Worldwide Removals. At this point we will start planning your International removal so contact us early to avoid any last minute hitches.

Advance Worldwide Removals will arrange for the container to be collect, taken to the harbour, ensure it’s loaded on the vessel and shipped to your newly chosen country.

As we are a bonded member of SAIMA your possessions will be assigned to a fellow member in the destination country. This ensures that the proper care and attention is given to your shipment when it arrives at its destination, all SAIMA members are subjected to frequent audits to verify the maintenance of acceptable standards and norms to keep your possessions safe.

Our Agents in your new country will arrange all your customs formalities as well as the unpacking of your belongings at your new home, this includes the re-assembling and setting up of furniture and removing all debris to ensure a hassle free move.

Please feel free to contact us for any information you may require about our counterparts abroad to get piece of mind about the handling procedures of your belongings in your destination country.

NO problem. We will gladly move your goods to our secure warehouse and store them until you advise us when you are able to receive them. We are also able to arrange storage facilities in your new country should you so wish. As a SAIMA member we have 700 fellow members in 22 countries to ensure your goods are looked after while you finalise your new home.

As shipping usually takes 5 weeks, we suggest you contact us early enough to advise you on the best possible storage solution.

Planning your move is the most critical factor to the successful relocation of your most precious assets. Below is a detailed list of the common details we all forget.

Preparing to move

  • Arrange for disconnection of service or advise change of address (in most cases 30 days prior) and cancel the following
  • Milk delivery
  • Bread delivery
  • Newspaper delivery
  • Telephone services
  • Gas or Electricity services
  • water
  • Post Office for re-direction of mail
  • Radio and TV licence
  • Your hire purchase supplies
  • Your motor vehicle licencing
  • Your household/life insurance
  • Your municipal rates
  • Lodges, clubs and Society memberships
  • Publications to which you subscribe
  • All store accounts

All notify the following of your move

  • Your Bank to transfer your account
  • Your launderers
  • Your church
  • Children’s school secretary
  • Your Lawyers
  • Relatives, friends and correspondents
  • The electoral office
  • The receiver of Revenue


It’s usually not a problem to ship pets abroad, however certain exotic pets may be banned in some countries and you may have to comply with vaccination and quarantine regulations


Depending on your destination, it might be advisable to sell your vehicle before moving due to certain countries stringent environmental requirements. The are no hard and fast rules, so please contact us first for more details.

Prohibited Items

What you may regard as a decorative antique may be considered an offensive weapon in another country. Usually all firearms and weapons are banned. In certain countries, you may be restricted as to how much alcohol is allowed in the country. Drugs are a serious worldwide and Customs checks are rigorously enforced so never think it’s worth taking a chance, it isn’t.

Electrical Goods

The usual advice is to leave electrical appliances and Televisions behind because of voltage and wavelength compatibility issues. In most cases it would be cheaper to purchase new or used appliances at your destination than to convert them to local norms.

What to bring with you 

We recommend you take only the essential furniture items with you to avoid necessary transport costs. Personal Items and clothing that makes you feel at home should be packed in, remember though bigger, bulkier items may be cheaper abroad and not worth shipping.

Start early gathering Passports, birth/marriage certificates, insurance policies, financial documents, medical and vaccination records, log books and so on. You may need time to request copies of missing documents and ensure you keep them with you and ensure they not packed.

PLEASE NOTE: Keep your passport with you at all times as it could accidentally be packed and you will not be allowed to travel, it happens more often than you think, so please keep it separate and in a safe place to avoid massive delays in your travels.

It’s worth making an inventory list of what you are taking, ensure we get a copy to match our documentation. This also  serves as additional support for insurance and your customs declaration.

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