Importing Vehicles

Exporting your Vehicle to a Foreign Country

You can ship your motor car to your new destination but bear in mind, the requirements of certain foreign countries with regards to the importing of motor vehicles might not make it commercially viable to do so.

Australia for example has minimum Duties and Taxes imposed of 60% on imported vehicles, most countries however will afford new Immigrants the right to import a car with no taxes or duties payable (e.g New Zealand).

There are however certain requirements for each foreign country and we are able to advice you on the best course of action with regards to moving your vehicle abroad.

You can ship your car in a container with your other household belongings with our specialised car crating method, this is perfectly safe and in line with Internationally recognised standards.

To ensure a hassle free move, as part of our service we include a steam clean of the vehicle which includes a steam cleaning certificate to comply with certain countries strict environmental requirements. We also include having your car presented for police clearance at the South African Police Service as well as obtaining an export permit as required by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Importing a vehicle into South Africa

If you intend on importing a foreign registered vehicle into South Africa, you need to qualify for an Import Permit as well as a Letter of Authority.

To qualify for the Import Permit, you need to prove to ITAC that you are either a returning resident, having owned and used the vehicle for 6 months or more prior to it’s importation into SA or that you are an immigrant in the country i.e your permanent residency has come through.

The Letter of Authority is issued by the National Regulator of National Specifications (NCRS) after you have provided prove that your Vehicle complies with the National Traffic Act and other regulations and required by South African law.

Please feel free to contact Charlotte Kilian – our Vehicle Specialist directly if you require any additional information.

In order to qualify for a rebate of customs duty, a returning resident needs to prove to SARS that they have owned and used the vehicle for 12 months or more prior to it’s importation into South Africa (only one car per family may qualify for rebate of duties – 2nd and 3rd vehicles pay full duties) and that they gave up their residency in South Africa.

Once you are in possession of these two documents, you need to contact us to assist with the SAD500 form and arrange for the payment of duties and taxes, if any, to SARS. Once duties have been paid, SARS will issue a document called Customs Release Notification form. This form is then taken to the vehicle licensing department and the vehicle is then registered in SA. (Please note, left-hand driven vehicles manufactured after 1 January 2000 may not be imported into South Africa – they do not qualify for the Letter of Authority).

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